Psychology; Attachment Theory

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Part 1 Eric Ye

According to the attachment theory and many other experimental researches, we have concluded that having a secure and warm family parenting style is extremely critical to a child’s overall development. Each parent would most definitely want the best for the child, and to begin with the idea of raising a compassionate child, the parent must understand how he/she would like be treated (the golden rule). According to Alder, the child must be treated with respect as an adult and flexible resource for one’s inner ability for growth. If the child is being restricted and being conditionally separated from its nature self and society’s demands, he/she will eventually develop conflicts. This confusion will eventually lead to frustration due to external forces and the children will either become rebellious or lose sense of reality. As Hartmann and White noted, the child must move towards social interests (Alder) and learn to interact with inner self and social effectively. That is, together with the inner self (strong ego) and environmental forces (effectance/competence motivation) the child can adapt to his/her surroundings correspondingly. Kohut, Kernberg and Roger brought out the idea that the parent must also show empathy, love, care and supportive behaviours to the child. In the sense of transference and therapeutic alliance, it refers to that the children and parent should have mutual communication and truth with each other in order to maintain a healthy relationship and reduce stress when encountered. A healthy child then should have a high implicit self-esteem, that is the child does not mask themselves when with others and has no conflict between nature self and social/cultural demands due to the warmth, caring that the parents have provided him/her with. And it is only natural that money and power...
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