Psychology Assignment

Topics: Psychology, Citation, Term Pages: 10 (697 words) Published: December 6, 2014
Psychology Assignment
By: Dr. Navin Kumar

Assignment Topic
1. Is Child Obesity a Reflection of Parental Negligence?
2. Link Between Television and Obesity
3. Effects of Abortion on Mental Health
4. Dating Violence Among Teens
5. Teenage Sexting and its Consequences
6. Effects of Designer Babies on Society
7. How Do Individual Differences Affect Stress
8. Psychological Reasons for Depression
9. Causes and Symptoms of Stress
10. How Does Social Anxiety Disorder Affect the Routine Life of a Person?

Assignment Topic
11. Does Gender Affect Memory?
12. Why is it Important to Impart Sexual Education to Young Children? 13. Relation between Physical Illness and Stress
14. Short Term and Long Term Memory
15. Role of Environment in Personality Development
16. Violent Music and its Impact on Children
17. Motivation and its Varied Theories
18. Causes and Impact of Emotional, Financial, and Physical Abuse of the Elderly
19. Effects of Birth Order on a Person's Personality and Achievements 20. How Does In-store Music Influence Product Selection?

Assignment Topic
21. Teenage Suicide: Why it Happens and What to do About it
22. An Analysis of Harsh and/or Capital Punishment for Sex Offenders 23. The Role of Genetics and Environment in Determining Intelligence 24. How Does Over Crowding Affect Human Beings?
25. Types of Torture and their Psychological Effects
26. Change of Perception Based on Attractiveness - Are the Attractive Treated Differently?
27. Long-lasting Marriages and the Psychology Behind them
28. Should School Uniforms be Banned?
29. How are Habits Formed and How Can They Be Changed?
30. The Impact of Stress Factors on College Students Academic Performance

Outline of the Assignment
• The assignment is to write a short psychology
paper (6-7 pages). You will need to find and
read a journal article written in the past five to
ten years related to topic of your interest.
Then you will analyze the article, exploring
its argument and presenting your own
argument about the issue under discussion
based on your analysis of the article.

• Your first task is to find a journal article. You
should begin by deciding what aspect of ethics
most interests you. This may be a theoretical
or a practical aspect.
• Look at the “source” line of each entry to
determine what year it was published and to
make sure it is a journal article. DO NOT
select a monograph or book length work for
your paper.

• Your second task is to read and understand the article
you have selected. Read it twice to be certain you have
understood the argument. Take down some notes about
questions you have, confusions, and places where you
either heartily agree or disagree with the claim.
• The first part of your paper should summarize the
argument made in the article you selected. This is not as
easy as it may sound. You don’t want to be too detailed
or your paper will be all summary and will leave you
little room for your analysis. However, you don’t want
to leave out important details necessary to your analysis

• After summarizing the article, the rest of your paper should consist in analysis of the article. The analysis is at the same time an argument that you present discussing not only the
article, but also other ideas about the topic you have learned in class, as well as your own ideas regarding the topic. To analyze something literally means to break it down into its simpler parts, examine these parts themselves as well as how they fit together to form the larger argument, and then to give an evaluation of the whole based on this examination. but you also want to see if the argument is based on unwarranted assumptions or leads to undesired consequences or implications. You may also praise

the argument for solving some problem or furthering the
development of the topic you are interested in. Sometimes you will do both.

• The paper should be 6-7 pages, typed,...
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