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Individuals: One of the first clinical psychologist roles in a counseling setting is to assess and diagnose the client. Part of this process involves actively listening to what the client is saying as well as discerning the client's true goals. If the psychologist suspects there are serious undiagnosed mental disorders in existence, he may recommend an assessment. If necessary, a clinical psychologist can recommend, but not prescribe, medications to assist in an intervention.

Couples: Couples seek the help of marriage counselors for premarital counseling, to deal with short-term and long-term problems and to decide whether they should continue with the relationship or get a divorce. It also depends on the issue that the couple is seeking help for in determining the therapist's role. For example, if a couple seeks help due to infidelity, the therapist would help the couple explore the reasons behind the infidelity, if they want to stay together, how to build the trust back up in the relationship and more. If a couple seeks assistance from a marriage therapist for premarital counseling, the therapist will assist the couple in exploring things such as future goals and finances. Most hold joint sessions with both partners and some also have individual sessions. They should focus on problem identification within the relationship and not on individual flaws of a client. Skill development--including open communication, collaborative problem-solving and holding rational discussions--should be a key component of the work accomplished with a couples counselor. A counselor can be expected to act as a mediator when partners fight during a session. He will guide clients, but won't supply solutions. He will help clients reach deeper understanding and insight through specific techniques, exercises and approaches. They may also use specific approaches like Client-centered therapy (also called humanistic or Rogerian therapy) focuses on emotional honesty and openness.

Families: A family counselor is an individual who treats married couples or family members in order to help them overcome mental or emotional problems that may result within the home. The family counselor will diagnose any disorders and provide effective treatment measures in which to help the family members resolve their issues. The general responsibilities of the family counselor are meeting with family members, diagnosing their mental and/or emotional problems and effectively treating them over a period of time. The family counselor must keep accurate and complete records for each client. These records include personal information, documentation from sessions and referrals or information received from other counselors and officials regarding the client. It is crucial that the family counselor keeps these records confidential and well organized so that they can be retrieved whenever they may be needed in the future. Groups: The role of the group counselor involves facilitating interaction among the members, help them learn from one another, assist them in establishing personal goals and also provide continuous empathy and support to the members and also to check if the members have carried their learning experience from the group and practiced it in the outside world. Group counseling may have the following advantages:

* It caters to the needs of more than 1 student and the maximum being 8 to 10 students forming a group. * It also is time saving when compared to individual counseling as issues can be addressed simultaneously among the students. * It also provides a healthy atmosphere for sharing experiences and learning from the other group members so that the student doesn't feel left out and also is supportive. Group counseling is really an effective form of learning experience as members can share their experiences, learn from others, and also come to know that everyone has similar problems and they are...
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