Psychology and Square Foot Condominium

Topics: Psychology, Milgram experiment, Research Pages: 6 (1556 words) Published: October 11, 2013
What is the best research method to answer the following questions (items 1 - 8)?

1. What would lead a person to murder more than 20 children and adults at a school? ANSWER: Case study method.

2-3. How many drivers exceed the speed limit on the interstate on a typical weekday? (Note: We could use several methods to answer this question. Select the best method and explain why it is the best method.) ANSWER: Naturalistic observation is the best method because the best way to obtain this figure is to count the number of drivers exceeding the speed limit without intervening.

4. Does the color of a car (red) cause it to be ticketed for speeding more often than cars of other colors (e.g., white, black, tan, etc.)? (a little tricky, so be careful) ANSWER: Qualitative research method.

5. Does a college basketball teams’ winning percentage cause total attendance to increase at their home games? ANSWER: Correlation research method.

6. What is the relation between class size and the average grade students earn in classes? ANSWER: Experimental research method.6

7. How many people are taking a new antidepressant drug called Upmood? ANSWER: Survey research method.

8. How do voters feel about “negative” political ads?
ANSWER: Survey research method.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9. Denise signs up for medical research on effectiveness of a new anti-depressant drug, Blueslift. After the six-month study, the researcher tells her that she was in the “control group.” What term will the researcher use for the pill Denise took each day for six months? ANSWER: placebo

10. College XYZ wants to collect information from students concerning a plus/minus grading system (the college administration wants to add minus grades to the plus values it already uses). One member of the faculty committee suggests surveying students in introduction to psychology during the next summer session to collect data and use it as a basis for making the decision. From a research methods standpoint, why is this not a good research plan? (HINT: Think about samples and the populations they represent.) ANSWER: This is not a good plan because this study does not include a large number of students nor a wide enough variety.

11-12-13-14-15. A major drug company is investigating the effects of diet (low fat versus high fat), exercise (less than 5000 steps a day versus more than 10,000 steps per day), and a new drug Lowchol (0 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, or 20 mg). They are checking the cholesterol levels of all volunteers after six months. In addition, they are having each volunteer undergo an echo cardiogram in order to check their cardiac health.

Identify the independent variables (IVs) in this proposed research. ANSWER: Diets, exercise level, drug Lowchol

Identify the dependent variables (DVs) in this proposed research. ANSWER: Cholesterol level

16. What is the term that is used to describe the specialty area in which human factors psychologists work? ANSWER: Ergonomics or Engineering Psychology

17. Sigmund Fred was not a psychologist, what was he?
ANSWER: neurologist

18. What is the school of psychology associated with Edward Titchener? ANSWER: University of Leipzig

19. What famous writer and proponent of spiritualism believed wholeheartedly in the story of the fairies, as described by two young British girls. ANSWER: Conan Doyle

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Identify each of these as positive, negative, or zero correlations (items 20 – 24). You do not need to write a specific number. Decide whether the situation is a positive, negative, or zero correlation (one word for each will answer the question).

Example: Number of hours of practice and free throw percentage ANSWER: positive
Explanation (not...
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