Psychology and Points

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Cognition Pages: 3 (609 words) Published: November 13, 2013

Answer the questions below. When you are finished, turn in your assignment for grading. Use complete sentences and answer each part of the assignment.

1. Write about a time when you have seen someone or some people do things that make no sense to you, or perhaps times when you have been frustrated and thought, "That makes no sense at all!" (5 points)

There have been many times that I have seen people do things that make no sense, and thought “That makes no sense at all!” One time was when I was at a fast food restaurant with my family and was looking around. Something on the floor caught my attention. The tiles that were on the floor. They had a pattern on them and as each tile went the pattern stayed flawless, until one tile was turned the wrong way. I was like “You had one job, how could you mess this up?”

Think of a time in your life when someone you know was having difficulty. Using that example, choose the statement from the list below that seems most true. Then, for the statement you choose, write which perspective or branch from psychology (humanistic, positive, biopsychology, cognitive-behavioral, developmental, or social psychology) is most related. Then write a one-sentence statement that describes this perspective. They have a medical condition.

It shows how the brain effects the way a person acts.

2. For each question in the list below, name the branch of psychology it most closely relates to, and explain the perspective in a sentence. Why are some people happier than others? (2 points)
Developmental and Social
Developmental psychology is the study of how someone was brought up, and how genes affect a person’s feelings, emotions, personality, and actions. Social psychology is the study of how relationships with others affect a person’s feelings, emotions, personality, and actions

How do our brains work? (2 points)
Biopsychology is the study of how the brain, and nerves connected...
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