Psychology and Personality Traits

Topics: Psychology, Genetics, Life Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Some scientists believe that genes determine character traits such as shyness or generosity. Do you think this is true? Which elements of your personality do you believe you have inherited? Discuss, mentioning specific examples.

Some genetic researches have prove that our genes play a big role in formation of our physical characteristics. But traits we inherited from our parents are not restricted to our looks and body types, we also inherited social, mental and psychological traits. Despite that some psychologists think that important factors in shaping our personality traits are the environment, the education and the experience. For example, children usually observe how their parents handle issues and over time they end to handle practical life issues is similar ways. However, there is no clear-cut answer to the question of is the personality genetically inherited or developed gradually through experience. In my case, I remember those days when I imitated my parents. Remember myself playing games at house such as cooking and cleaning. I wasn't imagining myself to live in luxury and having a lot of goods. Because my parents had led a simpler life, I am more often satisfied with less. So I believe that my childhood fantasies are shaped by my parent's way of life. They do shape my expectation of life, my spending habits and materialism. If a child has parents live in luxury, it will imagine having tea with imagined dignitaries. Thus, I don't know if genes determine my character traits but the interaction between social and culture environment has an important role in a personality forming. Another character trait that I was encouraged to form was fond of reading. Reading was a common action at home. My reverence of reading must have been inherited from my mother. Books had been given to me from my mother. She believes that a person that is fond of reading have more elegantly than someone that does not manifest any interest in culture. On...
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