Psychology and Personal Growth

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The play Cosi by Louis Nowra explores the key themes of personal growth, love and fidelity and the treatment towards the mentally ill. Through a close examination of the text, a greater understanding can be developed of how composers use language forms and features to portray significant ideas and their understanding about human kind.

An Individual may have experiences that result in maturation and changes to one another. In the play Cosi by Louis Nowra, Nowra follows main protagonist Lewis as he directs the opera featuring the lives and experiences within the mental asylum ultimately changing the lives of others and himself in the process. Interactions by Lewis whilst directing Cosi Fan Tutte resulted in his changed perception and personal growth, which is a significant idea in the play. Lewis who initially lacks confidence is driven by the financial need to undertake work at the asylum. Expression through his dialogue “ I need the money Lucy” His initial timidity is shown through the tone and stage direction. As the plot progress, Lewis gains confidence as a result of his interactions and experiences shared with the mentally ill, Lucy states“ working with these people have changed you”. This significant change is highlighted through the use of black humor as he tells Doug “ Go burn a cat”. By closely examining his newfound confidence and maturity as an individual, experiences have changed Lewis’s perceptions of the mentally ill which gives the reader a greater understanding of personal growth.

The line between ‘sanity’ and ‘insanity’ is explored through the juxtaposition of the patients and society and can vary depending on the dialogue and behavior .The set of the play is a “neglected burnt out theatre” symbolizing the negate and attitudes of society towards the mentally ill. Nick’s dialogue at the beginning of the play “mad actors are bad enough . . . but madmen” similarly emphasizes this and conveys the detrimental views of the...
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