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Chapter 1
What is Psychology?
(Corresponds to Prologue and Chapter 1 in Myers Text; NOTE that page numbers on this do NOT correspond to the Myers text)


1.Psychology is defined as the scientific study of
a)behavior and mental processes.
b)diagnosis and treatment of behavioral disorders.
c)conscious and unconscious mental processes.
d)the mind.

ANS: aDIFF: 1PG: 1-4TYPE: ROB: 1

2.The scientific study of behavior and mental processes describes a)behaviorism.c)psychology.
b)psychoanalysis.d)clinical psychology.

ANS: cDIFF: 1PG: 1-4TYPE: ROB: 1

3.Eduardo DeLeon is engaged in scientific research involving the study of behavior and mental processes. DeLeon is a a)psychotherapist.c)psychiatrist.

ANS: dDIFF: 1PG: 1-4TYPE: AOB: 1

4.When a psychologist tells a client to use mental imagery in an attempt to help the person cope with a problem, she is attempting to reach which goal of psychology? a)describec)predict


ANS: d DIFF: 2PG: 1-4TYPE: AOB: 1

5.A satisfactory theory of alcohol addiction should allow us to predict a)the types of individuals who are at risk for developing this problem. b)what type of intervention is successful for recovery. c)both a and b.

d)none of the above.

ANS: cDIFF: 3PG: 1-4TYPE: COB: 1

6.An educational psychologist who advises teachers on how to establish classroom discipline is applying which of the following goals of psychology? a)predictionc)explanation

ANS: bDIFF: 2PG: 1-4TYPE: AOB: 2

7.An unsatisfactory psychological theory of thirst would not a)be able to predict when people will or will not drink. b)be able to describe age-related drinking behavior.
c)both a and b.
d)none of the above.

ANS: cDIFF: 3PG: 1-4TYPE: COB: 1

8.A conception of apparent relationships among observed events defines a)science.c)prediction.
b)theory.d)the school of psychology.

ANS: bDIFF: 1PG: 1-5TYPE: ROB: 1

9.When a psychologist forms conclusions regarding a client's chance of recovery, he is attempting to reach which goal of psychology? a)descriptionc)prediction

ANS: cDIFF: 2PG: 1-4TYPE: AOB: 1

10.Psychologists seek to formulate principles of human behavior through research such as a)studies of memory disorders.c)introspection.
b)surveys and experiments.d)insight.

ANS: bDIFF: 2PG: 1-5TYPE: COB: 6

W 11.Which of the following is not true of psychological theories? a)Theories make assumptions about behavior.
b)Theories explain behavior and mental processes.
c)Predictions are derived from theories.
d)Theories are always discarded as new observations are made.

ANS: dDIFF: 2PG: 1-5TYPE: ROB: 3

12.The clinical psychologist's aim in applying prediction and control principles to a client's behavior is to a)decide the treatment.
b)help the client meet his or her goals in treatment. c)allow the client a narrow range of options for his or her behavior. d)use a database to formulate a treatment for the client.

ANS: bDIFF: 3PG: 1-5TYPE: AOB: 3

13.Dr. Rossini is developing a training program to help a young woman with mental retardation to sort clothes in the laundry of the residential facility in which she lives. Whenever she performs her job according to the protocol, she receives a reward. If she does not stay on task, she receives no reward. Applying the principles of learning...
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