Psychology and Language

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Language Paper
PSY 360

Language Paper
Language is a form of communication that allows humans to express emotion, opinions, thoughts, and beliefs. Language is communicated through sounds, gestures, and symbols. It is a developed system for communicating in a society. Languages will vary from one culture to the next and will take on different forms. Languages do not have to be spoken but can be expressed through hand gestures and written symbols. The lexicon is the vocabulary contained within the language. It is the knowledge of the words contained in the language. It is a compilation of all words known, understood, and expressed by the individual. The language is compiled and understood by others contained in the same culture and supports how the language is expressed. Key Features of Language

The key features of language are semanticity, arbitrariness, displacement, and productivity. An expression of language occurs when an individual expresses a sound or makes a gesture. The information being sent will be received by the listener or observer. Language is used to gain the attention of another individual through speaking or using hand gestures. Key features of language are the mode of communication that will be used (Hyde, 1998). How a language is expressed is the mode of communication such as speech and hand gestures. The next key feature is broadcasting the message and then rapid fading of the message. The message will fade and then cannot be heard. The next feature is interchangeability. This is the ability to both receive and send the message. Total feedback is occurs when the speaker can hear his own speech and can monitor the language performance as they go and specialization involves producing the speech through the specialized body parts adapted for this role (Hyde, 1998). Semanticity is another key feature of language. It matches the communication with its specific meaning. It involves...

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