Psychology and Journal Assignments Chapter

Topics: Psychology, Brain, Traumatic brain injury Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Journal Assignments
Chapter 1, 2 and 3 Due Tuesday Feb 12th
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Please choose three of the six journal options and respond thoroughly and legibly. Each response should be approximately 1 page in length, typed and stapled. Each Journal entry is worth five points for a total of 15 points for these three chapters. 1. As you learned about various perspectives in Psychology, which theoretical perspective, past or present, interest you the most and why. Discuss the perspective and why you are interested in that particular viewpoint. 2. Are there advantages and/or disadvantages to having our brains as specialized and lateralized as they are? Consider aspects such as plasticity, brain damage, cognitive efficiency, etc. 3. If you volunteered to be a part of a research study and later learned that the treatment you were given was a placebo and that you were part of the control group, how would you react? Would it concern you that you had been deceived? Write a journal entry regarding this issue. 4. Do you know any parents who have young children and who are authoritarian, permissive, or authoritative? What are their children like? 5. For this journal entry, do a general internet search for the term ’brain plasticity’. Write a page describing the term and discuss how structure and functions of the brain is altered by experience. 6. Read the following news article and answer the questions. What would you consider evidence of “parental malpractice”? Should or could parents be held responsible for the way their children turn out? If placed in the position of the judge, would you hear the case? (It was thrown out of court.)

BOULDER, COLO. (UPI)—Tom Hansen doesn’t like the way his life has turned out and says it’s because he was reared improperly. Hansen, 25, has filed suit against his mother and father, seeking $350,000...
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