Psychology and Health Problems

Topics: Psychology, Immune system, Cancer Pages: 3 (1098 words) Published: November 5, 2008
Many factors go into determining health and illness. There are psychological factors, sociocultural factors, environmental factors and also the stressors in your life. It’s interesting how many health problems are affected by psychological factors like emotions and attitudes, not just behavior. In today’s time, it is vital to consider all contributing factors to health and illness since there is no single answer that simplifies why an individual becomes ill or remains healthy. Your psychological state can also affect the efficiency of your immune system. Anxiety and depression are two examples. With a lower immune system, we are more susceptible to physical problems like infections. If we can identify and treat the emotional problems, it will improve not just our mental health but also reduce the risk of illness. To show the relation between the factors listed above and illness, we use the multifactorial model. This model covers a range of issues that can affect our susceptibility to illness and our health. Some factors we have control of and some we do not. The multifactorial model shows us the likelihood of illness and the many factors involved from genetics to our lifestyles. Biological factors , including family history of illness, exposure to infectious organisms, inoculations, medication history and birth complications are one cub-category of factors as well as sociocultural: (socioeconomic status, family circumstances, access to health care, prejudice and discrimination); environmental: (architectural features, aesthetics of residential, workplace, water quality, pollution and natural disasters; (personality: seeking (or avoiding) information about health risks, self-efficacy expectations, psychological hardiness or conflict, optimism or pessimism and depression or anxiety); (behavior: diet, level of physical activity, sleep patterns, interpersonal or social skills and safety practices); stressors: ( daily hassles, major life changes, death of a close...
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