Psychology and Health Problems

Topics: Psychology, Personality psychology, Health Pages: 3 (1052 words) Published: September 21, 2008
The multi-factorial model can be used in a variety of ways in psychology. It uses many genetic and lifestyle facts in order to help to diagnose or prevent future medical problems. The model can also be a great psychological tool to determine and help diagnose people with psychological disorders or those who could be prone to them. This model has helped psychology be able to better understand and manage many health problems.

In order to understand how this works, we must first go into more detail about what exactly is the multi-factorial model. The multi-factorial model is made up of many different factors to determine our health and how at risk we are to illness. They can consist of biological factors, sociocultural factors, environmental factors, personality, behavior, and different stressors. Some of the factors in the model we can control such as our behavior; and others we have no control of at all such as our biological factors. In the factors that we can control there are known indicators that will make someone more susceptible to illness. For example, someone who smokes cigarettes and has a terrible diet put themselves at a higher risk for cancer and obesity. If this person also has biological factors like a father who died of cancer, then they can be at an even greater risk

for becoming sick. In applying this model to this scenario, health professionals would be able to determine a course of action to work as preventative steps to keep this from happening. A second example of how we could apply this model to the diagnosis of illness would be someone who could be at risk for a heart attack. We could look at the behavior, such as what type of diet the person could have; we could also look at stressors in this person’s life. If they had a high stress job with a long commute, then it would be safe to say that they had the stressors of daily hassle and frustration as part of their daily routine. You can see clearly from the two examples that...
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