Psychology and Health

Topics: Psychology, Medicine, Illness Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: January 18, 2011
What are the three most significant concepts you have learned in this course that you would include in a speech supporting incorporation of health psychology concepts in health care policy?  
Psychology is the study of behavior. Most psychological application in health are from the discipline of social psychology. The main goal of health psychology is to promote and maintain health. Critical health psychologists explore how health policy can influence social behavior. Health psychology is also used to prevent and treat illness and also to improve the health care systems health policy. Most psychological application in health is from discipline of social behavior such as helping individuals cope with an illness. When people are ill it is important to deal with this illness both physically and emotionally. Another way that psychology is used would be for health maintenance and patient education. I believe that preventive medicine is extremely important because it could save peoples lives. The only way to achieve a disease free world is by preventing disease. When a disease is caught and treated in an early stage the person has a better chance of survival as well. Teaching individuals to stop smoking is a form of educating patients. Hand washing and immunizations are one of the most affective ways of preventing the spread of virus. Testing and examinations can be included in preventive care. Educating the patient on steps that need to be taken in order to prevent disease is also very important. Educating patients about exercising daily and  eating the right foods can really make a difference in a persons health.    
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