Psychology and Dreams

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How to Turn Dreams into Reality

We all have dreams for the future. Goals that are ripe for achieving. Ever since we were born, we’ve wanted to impact the world in some way and stand out from the crowd. Every day we hope that someone will notice us and recognize us for some special achievement. Maybe we want to be on stage, giving a speech to an enormous audience. We want to have that honorable stride as we get on stage, have the tears in our eyes as we stand tall, and proclaim our thanks to a number of people who stood behind us in our lives.

Then your reality hits you. It punishes you for thinking such thoughts. “How dare you betray your reality? Who do you think you are? Why risk ridicule when it is so much easier to struggle through life on your way to the top?. ”Within seconds of dreaming, you succumb to your reality’s torment. You pretend as if you never dreamed in the first place. Your dream lies dormant, forgotten.

But you know that in the back of your mind, it still shines. Even if it’s just a flicker, you know it’s still there. It’s waiting. Waiting for you to remove the shackles of reality and grab hold of your destiny. But unfortunately for you and your dream, you don’t know how to do so. No one seems to be pushing you to break away from reality. You get paid on a regular basis to work your regular hours. You aren’t going to get paid to try and get a role as a movie star, singer, writer, business mogul, etc. You aren’t paid to try at all. And that’s really the point, isn’t it?

You are recognized for your actions, not your thoughts. If everyone was reimbursed for just thinking, would fame, fortune, and success even matter anymore? They would become cheap and useless. Nobody would care. That’s why it is up to you to take action. Turn your dreams into reality by doing, not trying. You need to form an intention in your mind and make a decision. The very act of doing is the manner in which we carry out a task. In this case, a task that brings us closer to our dreams. And the closer we get to our dreams, the more real they become. There are two simple steps that you must be intent on carrying out in your mind before your dreams can become reality.

Firstly, identify your dream. Denote your passion. Is it to be known across the world as a millionaire or a missionary? Do you want to be a musician or a fireman? Will you use your talents to change one person’s life or will you use them to change the world? Decide what your purpose is and write it down. Think about it constantly in the back of your mind. Let it be the driving force for your daily actions.

Secondly, act on your dreams. Now that you know, you must act. Choose your daily actions wisely in regards to your dream. Is it better to watch another hour of TV, or should you get to work on that book you keep saying you’ll publish? Take steps to overcome habits that are detrimental to your progress. Replace them with a routine that will push you forward in a positive way.You should talk about your goal, write about it, sing about it. Move with those who are for you and leave those against. Feel empowered when the odds are stacked high, for that means that there is indeed a prize being hidden from you. When security guards surround a palace is that because there is nothing valuable inside? Push just a little further and you will get the dream you seek.

As a conclusion, changing your reality to fit your dreams is no simple task. Because reality is a ruthless tormentor, there will be few opportunities to take command. But if you take advantage of the few that exist and bar reality from within and without, there will be no stopping you.


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