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Intelligence as a measure of distance

It is almost impossible to measure intelligence accurately and I will support this notion by stating logical and proven facts about the human mind and how they differ based on culture, understanding and environments.

Intelligence is measured as an estimation based on other criteria, hence the analogy “ as a measure of distance”

For example Region to region differ in understanding and identify intelligence based on either intellectual strength or physical strength depending on their cultural background, skill relevance and understanding.

IQ testing including Raven's progressive matrices test attempt to overcome biases in testing, therefore overlooking Culture and experience. Culture, experience and intellectual reasoning are deeply intertwined (Richardson, 1998; Sternberg et al,. 2001) and i'm sure anyone would agree that we were all raised differently based on the facts mentioned.

For the sole reason that intelligence is embedded in social and cultural context, certain features are more familiar to certain social groups in certain areas and therefore creates an unfair evaluation.

For Example, Parts of the world survive on being street smart and uphold that status based on what is classified relevant and useful in that specific area or from a certain kind of people who later on spread out into the world and might end up living amongst others who follow a different measurement of intelligence and progress in their world educationally therefore measuring intelligence through intellect. Without considering these facts, we underpin the idea that mental strength, just like physical strength can be measured independent of one's background or life circumstances and what counts as intellectual 'strength' is universal.

In 1869 “Francis Galton” through his book 'Hereditary Genius' raised interest in the study of mental abilities as they have to do with hereditary and eugenics. Identifying the inaccuracy in...
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