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Psychology Behavior
Lisa Barnes
South University Online

The purpose of this research is to explain the behavior of psychology using one primary source. By accessing the full text of the article. The purpose of the research can be located in the introduction. Behavior analysis has begun to adopt these tools as a novel means of measuring the interrelations between behavior, stimuli, and contingent outcomes. The research was conducted by using measurement tools and the methods on how data was collected. This module covers distinguish between scholarly and popular periodicals, also be able to get information needed to choose an article index appropriately. When using indexed database to have a basics understanding the use of the article indexes. The results of my search help me identify a variety of information sources, identify characteristics of the library resources, and characteristics of information on the web. In terms of the hypothesis. To be able to have organization and understanding the search engines to evaluate web search and interpret the understanding how to identify the major types of web sites. In conclusion from the research I would be able to recognize the different ways of citation. Many ways to avoid plagiarism, in my work when to cite sources, also reasons for understanding copyright. What a science psychology is about its philosophy definition of historical origins. Psychology is based on research methods. Psychology and Quantitative are two types of research methods, experiments deal with psychology. Questionnaires, case studies, and interviews deal with Quantitative. The brain interacts and reacts based on the behavior of the internal and external stimuli. Psychological studies result the investigation and analyzes research methods. The study of human behavior in perception to emotions, memory, learning and with the differences in personality, Intelligence and aptitude. The results to everyday problems.Reference  Jensen, Greg; Ward, Ryan D; Balsam, Peter D Journal of the experimental analysis of behavior, 11/2013, Volume 100, Issue 3 Information: theory, brain, and behavior 100.3 (Nov 2013)

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