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Fields of Psychology

Industrial Organizational Psychology
Counseling Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Experimental and Human Factors Psychology
Educational Psychology
Social Psychology
School Psychology
Physiological Psychology
Environmental Psychology
Health Psychology
Family Psychology
Rehabilitation Psychology
Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology
Forensic Psychology and Psychology with the Law
Geropsychology/Psychology of Aging
Sport Psychology
Consumer Psychology
Aviation Psychology
Industrial Organizational Psychology
Industrial/Organizational Psychology is a field in which scientific principles are developed and applied in the workplace. Industrial Psychology is focused on the management perspective of organizational effectiveness through the proper use of human resources and people. Common issues in Industrial Psychology include performance appraisals, efficient job design, and employee selection and training. Organizational Psychology, on the other hand, is focused more on the individual employee. It is concerned with understanding and enhancing the well-being and development of the individual employee. Common issues in Organizational Psychology include job stress, employee attitudes and behavior, and supervisory practices

APA Division 14 - Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Inc.

NY Career Zone - Industrial Organizational Psychology Careers

Careers in Industrial Organizational Psychology Counseling Psychology

"Counseling psychologists do many of the same things that clinical psychologists do. However, counseling psychologists tend to focus more on persons with adjustment problems, rather than on persons suffering from severe psychological disorders. Counseling psychologists are employed in academic settings, community mental health centers, and private practice. Recent research tends to indicate that training in counseling and clinical psychology are very similar" (as stated on the APA website).

APA Division 17 - Counseling Psychology Website

NY Career Zone - Careers in Counseling Psychology

Clinical Psychology
"Clinical psychologists assess and treat people with psychological problems. They may act as therapists for people experiencing normal psychological crises (e.g., grief) or for individuals suffering from chronic psychiatric disorders. Some clinical psychologists are generalists who work with a wide variety of populations, while others work with specific groups like children, the elderly, or those with specific disorders (e.g., schizophrenia). They may be found in hospitals, community health centers, or private practice" (as stated on the APA website).

APA Division 12 - Society of Clinical Psychology Website

APA Division 39 - Division of Psychoanalysis Website

APA Division 40 - Clinical Neuropsychology Website

NY Career Zone - Careers in Clinical Psychology

Careers in Clinical and Counseling Psychology
Developmental Psychology
"Developmental psychologists study how we develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, and morally during our lifespan. Some focus on just one period of life (e.g., childhood or adolescence). Developmental psychologists usually do research and teach in academic settings, but many act as consultants to day-care centers, schools, or social service agencies" (as stated on the APA website).

APA Division 7 - Developmental Psychology

Experimental and Human Factors Psychology
"This area of specialization includes a diverse group of psychologists who do...
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