Topics: Psychology, Clinical psychology, Applied psychology Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: January 21, 2014
Psychology- Academic & applied discipline that involves the scientific study of mental functions and the brain. Overt behavior- The behavior that is observable & open to others. Covert behavior- The behavior that is not observable & open to others. Empirical evidence- Information that is acquired by observation or experimentation. Psychologist-A person trained and educated to perform psychological research, testing, and therapy. Academic psychologist- the study of methods of training and teaching and their effectiveness, and of the problems experienced in learning formal material; in particular, the study of how to help people, especially school children, with learning problems to overcome their difficulties Clinical psychologist- A therapist who deals with mental & emotional disorders. Community psychologist- Studies the individuals contexts within communities and the wider society, and the relationships of the individuals to communities and the society. Counseling psychologist- Counseling psychology as a psychological specialty facilitates personal and interpersonal functioning across the life span with a focus on emotional, social, vocational, educational, health-related, developmental, and organizational concern Educational psychologist- is the study of human learning. This involves studying instructional processes within the classroom setting. The study of learning processes, both cognitive and affective, allows researchers to the understand individual differences in behavior, personality, intellect, and self- concept Forensic psychologist- is the intersection between psychology and the justice system. It involves understanding criminal law in the relevant jurisdictions in order to be able to interact appropriately with judges, attorneys and other legal professionals. Health psychologist- is the study of psychological and behavioral processes in health, illness, and healthcare. Organizational psychologist- is the scientific study of employees,...
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