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Introduction To Psychology

Assignment 2

This article talks about the the social and the behavioral research on culture and the brain. It’s main focus is on the culture and the interactions between the genes, envirnoment and the brain. Although, everything cannot be attributed simply to the cultural norms set by society- it is a mélange of how the brain, the existing environment and genes interact together.

Neuroplasticity refers to the brain's ability to change and adapt as a result of experience. Firstly explains the role of neuroscience and its patterns of the brain activity that changes in certain psychological and repeated basis. Examples that are quoted were the Tibetan Monks Mediation practice, driving a taxicab and repeated use of cultural tools such as “abacus”. This requires them to reach out to deeper portions of their brain storing more information, the repeated use and training in abacus will only strengthen the ability. These examples show the different patterns of brain activity. Plasticity is the term neuroscientists have coined to describe the brain’s biological adaptations in response to new experiences or change. Scientists say the word in tones of awe in the context of child development, hope in the context of brain damage, frustration when the subject is certain mental and nervous system disorders, and admiration in the context of normal adult life and aging. It is plasticity that underlies our transit of all life’s major passages. Plasticity allows us to learn, to form new habits, to adjust to new circumstances whether as simple as remembering to make enough morning coffee for two after marriage, or as complicated as learning to use information technology when your employer decides to carve out a place in the “new economy.”

Also the brain relates mostly to its culture, background, situations and the is is distint from one another. It varied in individuals from different cultures. In the case of the Chinese people relates...
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