Topics: Prohibition in the United States, Prohibition, Rum-running Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: October 31, 2013
The Rise and Fall of Prohibiton

In the state of New York alone between 1921 and 1923 there were over 7,000 prohibition-related arrests. (1) The reasoning behind prohibition was that Prohibition if alcohol was taken out of the picture Americans would become more productive and crime rates would decrease. In the opinions of many historians this proved to be only but counterproductive. Prohibition did nothing but clearly states that Americans can cunning develop ways to produce illegal alcohol and that the state police departments did not have the man power to control it. This research paper will clearly state the reasons why the Prohibition law was developed and its rise and fall of the legislation. At the end of World War 1, when all the men returned home they found that many of their lives have inst(antly changed. Many men had post-traumatic stress disorders and were hard to transitioning to normal life. The now young men were also now burden with the responsibilities of taking care of their families, and maintaining an income. The stress of all this had led to the turn to alcohol, and ended up with heavy drinking and neglect of the family’s needs. The women of this time began to get fed up with the neglect and started groups called the Anti-Saloon organization. (2) With the main purpose to shut down all of the local bars and eventually led up to the passing of the Prohibition act. The three main reasons why the law was passed was the common occurrence in all men during this time were severe medical, economic, and social changes. Medical: many men were starting to develop a disease called Sclerosis which is lung cancer caused by alcohol and cigarettes, many men died from this condition and left their families with many single parents and financial problems. (1),(2) Merideth, William A. The Great Experiment: Thirteen years of prohibition. Albany: The univeristy of Albany, 2005. Accessed September 20, 2012....

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