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This assignment will main body in which there are 4 tasks.
In task one I will discuss 5 main perspectives in psychology. In task two I will look at Anna O Case study.
In task three I will discuss how Freud’s theory and research has contributed to work practices. In the last task 4 I will look at how social care workers in a social care settings could apply Psychoanalytic theory. This will be followed by conclusion.

Mostly the point in this assignment is to concentrate on one of the most important person in Psychology, which is Sigmund Freud. The Psychologist who brought in a new way of thinking and examining human’s mind. Task 1

There are various different approaches in psychology.
An approach is a perspective, view that involves certain beliefs about human behavior. The way they function, which aspects of them are worth of study and what research methods are appropriate for undertaking this study. There may be several different theories within perspective, but they all share these common assumptions. You may wonder why there are so many different psychology perspectives and which approach is correct and which one is wrong. In which one to believe more. Most psychologists would agree that not one perspective is correct, although in the past, in the early days of psychology, the behaviorist would have said their perspective was the only truly logical one. Each perspective has its strengths and weaknesses, and brings something different to our understanding of human behavior.  For this reasons, it is important that psychology does have different perspectives to the understanding and study of human and animal behavior.  Below is a brief summary of the 5 main psychological perspectives in psychology. For the purposes of this assignment I will be focusing on Psychodynamic Perspective by (Freud). (Psychology Perspectives file:///C:/Users/Dana/Desktop/psychology/Psychology%20Perspectives.htm)

Behaviorist Perspective

Behaviorism is different from most other perspectives in psychology because they see people and animals are controlled by their situation and especially that we are the result of what we have learned from our environment and the atmosphere surrounding us. Behaviorism is concerned with how environmental factors (called stimuli) affect observable behavior (called the response). The behaviorist approach proposes two main processes whereby people learn from their environment: namely classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Classical conditioning involves learning by association, and operant conditioning involves learning from the consequences of behavior. Behaviorists explain that our memory contains of three stages Encoding-where information is collected, received and attended to. Storage-where information is kept.

Retrieval-where the information is recalled.
Theorists-Jean Piaget
Ivan Pavlov studied classical conditioning. He looked into natural reflexes and neutral stimuli. He managed to condition dogs to salivate to the sound of a bell through repeated associated of the sound of the bell and food.  B.F. Skinner investigated operant conditioning of voluntary and involuntary behavior. Skinner felt that some behavior could be explained by the person's motive. Therefore behavior occurs for a reason, and the three main behavior shaping techniques are positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement and punishment. (Class Notes from Clare O Reilly.)

Behaviorist perspective (file:///C:/Users/Dana/Desktop/psychology/Behaviorist%20Perspective.htm )


Humanistic psychology is a psychological perspective that studies whole person. Humanistic psychologists look at human behavior not only through the eyes of the viewer, but through the eyes of the person doing the behaving. Humanistic psychologists believe that everybody’s behavior is an outcome of his inner feelings and self-image. The humanistic perspective believe that everybody is different and unique in their own way,...
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