psychology 285 week 9 final

Topics: Social psychology, Social influence, Need Pages: 4 (1729 words) Published: April 6, 2014
Psychology 285 week 9 final

Everyone has asked at point in their lives; who am I? Everyone will go through great lengths to figure out exactly that answer. Because of that no topic in psychology today is more heavily researched than self (Myers, D.G., 2012). These feelings come about for a number of reasons. We develop a number of feelings for reasons that are related to group dynamics, genetics perhaps, and social influence. There are so many influences on the relationships that we develop. Self-concepts:

There are so many awesome qualities about me I’m honest, very giving, independent and opinionated; however being opinionated can be a blessing and a curse. Growing up I remember being in trouble so much because of my mouth. I was the type of child that needed to get my point across and I was going to get out whatever it was that I needed to say! My mother told me several times lately that she admires my courage when it comes to saying what’s on my mind; she hated it when I was growing up but she respects it now because she holds back a lot afraid to speak up. Knowing that I am extremely opinionated I have to be careful sometimes about the way that I say things to other people. This is because what I say may be without malicious intent however it could come off that way if it’s not carefully expressed! I am so opinionated that I will solicit my opinion to anyone with being asked to solicit it. Especially when it comes to my little sister; she thinks that I’m being hard on her but I tell her all the time; the day I have nothing to say be worried, I talk because I care! This brings me to being such a giving individual I would give my heart if I was able to continue to live. I have given my last to so many and I expect absolutely nothing in return. I have learned that there is no greater lesson in life than the one of being able to give. I am the type of person who will go through my son, daughter, finance and my own closets just to see what they are no...
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