Psychology 200 Exam

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12 Video: The Age of Reason

1.What is concrete operational thought? Give an example.

“Concrete operational thought is a child’s ability to think in general logical principles about concrete thing and meaning tangible that they can be seen, touch and taste.” This means that the child understand that although the appearance of something changes, the thing itself does not change. Example: If you take two pieces of strings that are the same in length, and scrunch one up then you ask the child which is longer. A child will reply that the strings have the same length; you just change the position of the other string.

13 Video: A Society of Children

3.What five essentials should families provide for children?

5 Essentials the family should provide for children are:
1. Basic Needs. Like food, clothing, shelter.
2. Encourage Learning. The children are learning all the time, so the family needs to encourage that learning. 3. Nurture Peer Friendship. Family needs to give support to this peer development. 4. Provide Harmony and stability. Child needs to have a gentle atmosphere and feel safe that the family should provide. 5. Develop Self-esteem. Family needs to make the child confident in what they do.

14 Video: Explosions

2. What is this video’s definition of body image? How does puberty affect boys’ and girls’ body images?

According to this video, body image is the way that the person perceives themselves. This can be visual perception but also other type of perceptions like their attitude towards their body, the satisfaction of their body. Going through puberty can amplify body image concerns. Puberty for boys bring characteristics typically admired by society – height, speed, broadness and strength. Puberty for girls brings with it characteristics often perceived as less laudable, as girls generally get rounder and have increased body fat.

15 Video: What If?

3.What is a volatile mismatch and what can be done about it?...
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