Topics: Long-term memory, Psychology, Memory Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: August 12, 2013
In psychology the way people think, act, and maintain information given are explained. Furthermore I will touch more on the basis of one’s memory and how much information a person can take in all at once. When doing so I will be explaining the three-stage model. The three-stage model consists of the sensory memory storage, short-term memory storage, and the long-term memory storage. The sensory memory storage holds information that people retrieve by seeing for only up to ½ of a sec and when people retrieve information by hearing then a person would only be able to remember the information given for only 2-4 seconds. The information that stays inside the sensory memory will then be transferred to the short-term memory storage. In the short-term memory storage the brain can store temporary information sent from the sensory memory storage for up to 30 seconds until it decides whether or not to send it to the long-term memory storage. In the long-term memory storage information gets stored away permanently until a person needs the information then it will be transferred back to the short-term memory storage for temporary use. In my past experiences I have been one who always studied for long hours and still have not seen any good results on my tests. I had thought long and hard on why is it that everyone else gets better grades than me so I had to do something about my madness. My conclusion was when studying I’d have to write down all the key factors or the important information in order for the information to stick in my head. For over 5 years now and counting this technique has worked for me.
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