Topics: Memory processes, Long-term memory, Forgetting Pages: 4 (625 words) Published: July 27, 2013
Topic: Laws of Forgetting and the Meaning and Importance of Thinking I. Introduction:

All of us human forget something and sometimes we can’t remember an event or some information that we already knew in the past. We know what the feeling of forgetting is but we didn’t know the theories/laws of forgetting. And forgetting is connected on thinking so we will find out what is the meaning and significance of it.

II. Objective:

1. What are the laws of forgetting?
2. Determine the factors affecting forgetfulness.
3. Identify the types of forgetting.
4. Determine the ways to improve thinking power.
5. Enumerate some importance of thinking.

III. Definition of terms:

* Decay - forgetting due to memories fading over time. This does not apply to long term memory. This often occurs in sensory storage and short term memory. * Interference - hindrance of learning new information because of other information learned before or after the new information. There are two types:

a) Proactive interference - information learned previously causes problems with new information.
b) Retroactive interference - new information cause recall problem with previously learned information. * Retrieval-Based Forgetting - information stored in long term memory is not being accessed or brought out properly; however, if given enough time or cues, it is possible to retrieve the information. * Storage-Based Forgetting - information in long term memory was distorted, altered, or changed so it is no longer accessible when searching for what it "used to be". The information can be retrieved, but only if you look for it in its new form. * Motivated Forgetting - a purposeful process of blocking or "suppressing" information. * Sensory storage - The brief storage of information (in memory) brought in through the senses; typically only lasts up to a few seconds. IV. Summary:

1. What are the laws of forgetting?...
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