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Eva Evangelio- Pacayra
Faculty Centro Escolar University School of Science and Technology Department of Psychology

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is derived from the Greek word “psyche” which means MIND/SOUL and “logos” which means STUDY/KNOWLEDGE is the SCIENTIFIC study of HUMAN BEHAVIOR and MENTAL PROCESSES.

The Roots of Psychology
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John Locke- blank slate “Tabula Rasa”
Wilhelm Wundt- Structuralism (uncovering the fundamental mental components) William James- Functionalism (what the mind does and how behavior functions) Max Wertheimer- Gestalt Psychology (how perception is organized. John Watson- Behaviorism (observable, measurable behavior) Abraham Maslow- humanistic (ability to make choices) Sigmund Freud- psychodynamic (behavior is motivated by inner forces)

What can I do with a Psychology major?

• Psychology major can prepare you ■Graduate School ■Medical School ■Law School ■Getting a job for...

The course requirements for those who are interested to take up BS Psychology include the following:

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Core curriculum courses
Professional core courses Major course


93 units
18 units 75 units 1unit

Science Technology and society NSTP-CWTS -

(6 units)


187 units (6 units)

Completion of an undergraduate research; 300 hours of practicum on three settings (Clinical, Educational and Industrial); field immersion; and live- in group dynamics seminar are among the required activities that BS Psychology graduates must fulfill.

Career Options
A degree in BS Psychology is an excellent preparation for graduate school in psychology, social work, education, medicine and business. With each of these graduate disciplines, there are variety of specializations one could pursue. Several areas in psychology, among others, included:

CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY- deals with the study, diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGY- focuses primarily on education, social and career adjustment problems. SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY- is designed to counseling children in schools who have academic or emotional problems. EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY- is concerned with teaching and learning processes. (motivation and school performances)

EVOLUTIONARY- how behavior is influenced by our genetic inheritance. DEVELOPMENTAL- examines how people grow and change from the moment of conception through death.

ENVIRONMENTAL- considers the relationship between people and their physical environment. SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY- how people’s thoughts, feelings and actions are affected by others. INDUSTRIAL- concerned with the psychology of the workplace.

FORENSIC- focuses on legal issues, such as determining the accuracy of witness’ memories.

• BS Psychology/board passerPsychometrician

• MS Psychology/board passer- Psychologist • PhD Psychology with MS board- Licensed Psychologist

• PhD Psychology w/o board- Psychologist
(for teaching only)


A psychometrician is a person who practices the science of measurement, or psychometrics.

The term psychometrics refers to the measurement of an individual's psychological attributes, including the knowledge, skills, and abilities a professional might need to work in a particular job or profession.

is an academic, occupational or professional title used by individuals who are either:

■Social scientists conducting psychological research or teaching psychology in a college or university; ■employed by the government in psychology positions; ■professionals who apply psychological research, theories and techniques to "real-world" problems, questions and issues, most typically in health and mental health care services, or in business and industry.

A Sample of Related Occupations

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Business Manager/Market Research Analyst Child Welfare Worker/Social Worker Human Resource Administrator Nursing Home Administrator

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