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The genogram of the bowenian family therapy shows the relationship between 3 generation between father and mother with their family and there relation with each other and with there daughter including there familys relation with each other . The father is the 3rd son in the family and he have 2 brothers and 1 sister and the following. A. The father has normal(moderate)relationship with his mother B. The father(3rd son) has normal(moaderate )relationship with his father too and also adapt most of his behavior and manner from him . C. The 3rd sons or the fathers mother and father also have the same normal relationship so we can see this family or the family beside my father side has moderate relationship with each other .

The genogram then shows the relationship between the 2nd daughter or the mother her relationship with her parents (mother and father ) A. The mother has emotionally fused relation to her mother and this shows they are very close to each other or not differnceated. B. The mother has distant relationship with her father because of leaving farapart and not discussing tings freely . C. Even though the mother has distant relationship with her father that doesn’t mean her parents are distant they have normal relation and good parenting style for their six children . D. The mother is the second in the birth order from the six children’s

As we see the genogram of the two familys each with there parents naw we will see the relationship between them and their daughter (Husband & wife and daughter) * Husband and Wife they have normal(moderate )relation ship with their relation and good caple life leading style . * They have 4 children two son’s and two daughters and we will see the realtion ship between the 3rd daughter with her parents and grand parents . * The daughter have...
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