Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Personality psychology, Woman Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: April 11, 2013
While looking at Craig’s List personal ads, I think men and women differ greatly when looking for relationships and characteristics in a partner. Women differ from men in many ways, the biggest way they differ while looking for a relationship is the kind of relationship it is. Women seem to want a more long term, committed relationship while men are more times than not looking for a “friend” or just someone to hang out with, with no strings attached. Also, no matter what a woman’s age is, women generally look for someone in their age group and do not go much outside that. Men on the other hand are more open to anything and age is only a number to them. I have seen many men post that as long as the woman is over 18, it does not matter to them how old they are. Women look for someone who are compassionate and serious about starting a new relationship where as men seek just company. Women also tend to seek men that are more like their personality and like similar things that they do while men also do not emphasize common interests. I do think that from what I have seen in the ads that these opinions of men and women do represent those of the general population. In my life experiences, women are more emotionally tied to their significant other and while men can be too but men also seek relationships that have no commitment. To me this represents the general population because men are a lot more open to friendships that do not involve commitment while women usually seek relationships that are strictly monogamous where a man is devoted to them and only them. The personal ads that I saw on Craig’s List represent the general population as a whole.
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