Topics: Jean Piaget, Developmental psychology, Theory of cognitive development Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Personal Reflection
A.The very first event that I can recall that is related to my psychosocial development was when I was in my middle school years. Around the age of twelve I began to try different styles and sports. I experimented with these simple aspects and found out multiple examples of who I wasn't. Looking back I can remember the now embarrassing moments of trying to fit in with different groups. I thought skateboarding was cool back then and when I tried it out, it was not fun. There actually weren't many people that skated to befriend so I gradually lost desire and stopped skateboarding. This part of my development was the identity vs role confusion part of my life because I was experimenting different “me's” to see which one fit best, but I came up short. The second event is related to the same identity vs role confusion stage from Erikson. This one was quite recent as it was probably the most life changing experiences in my life. Near the end of my freshman year in high school, age 15, I was introduced to a new sport from my cousin. He took my to a place where he trained MMA and I was immediately hooked. From then on I truly found the base for my identity and started pursuing my passion by training MMA. Because of this sudden spark, I started to wrestle for Northview and from then on I became a completely different person. Before this, I was still confused about my hobbies and lifestyle, but I finally found my identity and have living up to it ever since. B.I believe that currently I am in the post-conventional stage for Kholberg, formal operational stage from Piaget, and still in the identity vs role confusion stage of Erikson. For moral development, I believe that there are some unfair justices and rulings. In my opinion, it is okay to not follow the law if there is something more important like speed limits when it's a medical injury, capital punishment, and more. For Piaget's cognitive development, I can tell that I am in the formal operational...
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