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Croatia: The first known use of the term ‘psychology’ anywhere was by the 15th century Croatian philosopher, Marko Marulic (1450-1542), in the title of his work Psichiologia de Rationae Animae Humanae (Marinkovic, 1992). The first psychological laboratory in the Balkans was established in Zagreb in 1920 by Ramiro Bujas (1879-1959). Wundt’s controlled introspectionism, and promoted psychology as the study of ‘psycho cortical processes. Wundt also conducted early research into the galvanic skin response, including its criminological application (Bujas 1931).

Serbia: In Belgrade, early interest was in developmental, educational, and clinical psychology. Due to the Psychological Area (a sub-department of philosophy) opening in 1927, psychoanalysis was in full swing. Belgrade psychologists continued to research and train in clinical, developmental and educational psychology.

Psychology in Bosnia and Herzegovina: The real development of Bosnian psychology started in the 1990s, there after, it met the huge crisis of clinical work with acutely traumatized refugees, victims of atrocities, and other war-related PTSD. Bosnian scientific research, which frequently concerns consequences of war, developed at the same time as clinical practice.

In former Yugoslavia, the traditional 4-year first degree in general psychology licensed practice in any specialist area. An optional 2-year specialist qualification followed, then at least 3 years to PhD. Now however, legislation requiring conformity with the European Union’s Bologna process is in place in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. In Croatia, the Law of Psychological Practice (2003) is now in place. In Serbia, and in the Serbian part of Bosnia (Republic of Srpska), Laws of Psychological Practice are under discussion between professionals and ministers.

2. Discuss the range of factors the have influenced the development of Psychology.
Considerable challenges remain from the 1990s’ war violence. There are also challenges...
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