Psychology 12

Topics: Nature versus nurture, Human nature, Tabula rasa Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: November 16, 2008
Psy 12
Video # 1 Summary:

This video states that most people love to watch children not only to enjoy their cute and interesting but also to study and learn a lot about them which is called “child development”. It also discusses about nature versus nurture but it admits that genetics is influence by environment and reverse. So nature and nurture both play very important roles in a child's development because both nature and nurture shape a child, not one or the other. Moreover, it states that there are three historical trends lie behind child development today. First, church idea is each child was born in original sin and they have to be strict discipline. Second, John Locke emphasis on the environment that means children get influences from home such as parents and siblings or from outside influences such as childcares. And third, Jean Jacque Rousseau believes in natural unfolding, he said that let children develop naturally with a little bit supervision of adults. In addition, it talks about some psychologists with their theories such as, Charles Darwin, G. Stanley Hall, Sigmund Freud, John B. Watson, and Arnold Gesell. It also mentions that breast milk is securing nourishment. In short, it reviews the six principles about child development.

Two things I Learn From Video # 1:

1.I learned that we start learning most of concepts such as math, sciences … when we were very young through playing. 2.I learned that there are many theories but no one is “right”.

Chapter #1 Learning Objective 1.4:

How do developmentalists view the two sides of the nature –nurture debate?

The nature-nurture controversy is defined as, "the debate about the relative contributions of biological process and experimental factors to development” (p.7). In earlier days developmentalists used more of an either or approach. That is where nature-nurture controversy stems from. Generally the early psychologists, many of whom had a medical or biological background...
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