Psychology 100

Topics: Chimpanzee, Human, Hominidae Pages: 2 (993 words) Published: October 22, 2014

Oct 28, 2013
Jiyoon Lee
After Watching “The Project Nim”
I decided to watch and write about “The Project Nim”. Because, I have heard about the movie several times so it was kind of familiar to me. “The Project Nim” is a documentary movie based on a real story of experiment and observation about a little chimpanzee named Nim Chimpski. This experiment headed by behavioral psychologist Herbert Terrace and the purpose of the experiment was to deny Noam Chomsky’s theory that using language is the inherent traits that only exist in human. The movie says a chimpanzee was chosen as a subject of experiment because of the genes that chimpanzees have. The percentage of similarity between chimpanzee’s and human’s genes is about 98.7%. So I guessed Nim would able to learn and speak English in the movie. But the difference of vocal structure, Nim learned how to speak and talk in sigh languages. Nim was taken away from his mother after two weeks of birth and raised by people. He was treated and raised just like the way human are raised. During his infancy, Nim learned about hundred sing languages like eat, drink, give, up, and more. I personally impressed Nim using sigh languages when he want something or try to communicate with people. Because I have felt an emotional connection between humans and animals through my puppies but Nim and his foster mother communicate both emotions and gestures. Watching between Nim and humans communication part reminded me a short video about a lion and two men. In 1967, two Austrian men saved a lion. They called the lion “Christian” and raised him in their home until they needed to reintroduce him to Africa. A year later after they sent the lion to Kenya, when they wanted to came to Kenya to see him, everybody told them Christian would not recognize them and it would be very dangerous. When they yelled the lion’s name and looked for him for hours, they finally found him. Surprisingly, as soon as Christian saw the men, he came...
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