Psychology-1 Parenthood Analysis

Topics: Mother, Family, Disappointment Pages: 4 (1564 words) Published: January 23, 2012
Raising his only daughter, Patty, to be a perfect human is Nathan Huffner’s goal. He is in denial about his attitude towards raising his daughter; he said that he just wanted Patty to learn more than other kids do but the truth is he wants Patty to be his source of achievement; he is proud that his child is a genius and for that, he feeds his pride. He trained his daughter to be so intelligent, to be not only good at everything but be the best at everything. He taught his daughter things that even some adults can’t do. His daughter never had a chance to complain about the things that was being taught to her because she was so little to understand that her life was not the life of an ordinary little girl. Nathan Huffner concentrated so much about his child’s intellectual learning. He even refused to have another baby because he wanted to concentrate on Patty’s “above normal” development; because of that, his wife was so disappointed but she can’t show all her anger to her husband that’s why he just displace her disappointment on eating and filling her appetite. He didn’t let his child to enjoy her life as a child. He just fed Patty with knowledge and other complicated things and never let her feel the feeling of what a normal little girl should feel. That made him an authoritarian parent; the one that discourages expressions of disagreement. He has strict standards; he wants Patty to be a perfect human. As a result, Patty was unsociable with other children. She was unfriendly to others. She was withdrawn and was acting and reacting weird to situations that seems normal to other children (an example is the “thumb magic” of Gil to the children; others had fun with that magic while Patty screamed and ran away. Maybe that’s because of too many scientific facts in her head that made her think that that magic was disgusting.) Another scene that showed Patty being different from other children was in the party of Kevin; she saw a boy turning around and around, she asked...
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