Topics: Psychology, Need, Mind Pages: 2 (337 words) Published: August 28, 2013
When most people hear the word psychotic, they automatically think about or imagine

crazy people. Well I want to help these kind of people who are known to have a mental

illness. I feel as if people who have this problem deserve help and a better life. The

reason why I chose this career in the first place is to help others. Being a psychologist

involves a lot of work and research which I like because I am a fan of wanting to find out

more information about things that interest me. I chose a career in psychology because I

want to help those who are on their way or there already have a mental illness. I believe

that this field is good for me because I am patient and if I know someone needs help and
I can help them I will do it until I achieve it. I am an idealist. This is why I keep going in

life or other situations. I believe there is hope in all situations, therefore those who are

mentally ill can be treated. Psychologists use science for almost everything they do. I like

science but not all parts of it. So, if I have to become a psychologist I will. The reason

why is that I don’t like giving up and its what I want to become. I like finding solutions

to problems. There are different types of psychologists; such as clinical psychologist

which is what I am thinking of looking into, social psychologist, behavioral psychologist,

and personality psychologist. I learned that little children suffer from this sickness and I

think it is just sad. That is why I want to change that for them. People need to have the

opportunity to live and dwell in happiness and shouldn’t have to worry about having this

mental illness. I chose this career to help as many as I can with this problem. I believe

that as a Christian , my duty is to help others as much as I can.
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