psychologiclal egoism

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psychological egoism
`the argument of psychological egoism states that"people always (and neccesarily) act to promote what they take to be in their self interest whether it be short term or long term" which i believe to be true for various reasons. one main reason is this theory does not claim that people always act to actually promote their self interest short or long term. therefore this theory seems to be an explanition of actions that individuals have. the term self interest to me is defined as any action taken by an individual. if someone decides to take an action that has to be considered in his or her self interest because the part of an individual that decided to make whatever action was taken is that "self" in "self interest" that makes any decision. not every self interested act is done for the physical self, which is the self that is viewed therogh the five physical sences. it is the inner self that has these interst in which our actions derive from. therefore you can say that every action taken derives from self interest or the ego. this ego cannot be ignored, we all have one and it cannot me dismembered only re-created. as children we learn words like me mine and no indicating individuality, that we are different from others and have an opinion. from there on the ego devolops with throughout our lifes forming a world of opinions and motives. we all view the world from our own eyes and cannot view it from others. if we were not derived from self interest than this world would look very different. we care about things in the world because it effects us but we do not do things if it is not in our best interest. think of it as "out of sight out of mind". there is a natural order to the world and people respect it or suffer the consequences. people follow orders and give orders in a higherarctical manner, in the means of survival. because we are part of this system we rely on eachother if there is no system than there is no survival. so it is in...
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