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Psychological Needs: Maslow’s Hierarchy
Lucy Soto
April 24, 2014
Pam Stoelzel

Psychological Needs: Maslow’s Hierarchy

We have many needs as human beings. If asked to identify all those needs the list would be endless, Maslow’s hierarchy puts all of those needs into seven levels. It seems very complicated to identify all of our needs, from basic needs like food and water to more emotional needs such as self-actualization. Nonetheless, we tend to focus on a different level of need as the day progresses. There is never a stopping point or end to any levels of needs, we work on these needs all our lives, not only to survive, but also to progress in life.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, is a theory based on levels of needs and the importance of each

level at its given time of need. There are seven levels, starting with the basic needs of survival, food and

water at the bottom of the pyramid there are psychological needs. Following psychological needs are

our safety needs, the need to feel safe and secure physically. Next there are the needs of belongingness

and love needs, these are our relationship needs of love and feeling affection, as well as, acceptance and

belonging. Esteem needs, follow belongingness needs, these are the needs we have to be competent

and to have approval and recognition from others. Cognitive needs are next, these are the needs we

have to know things and understand. Aesthetic needs are next to last on the pyramid, these are beauty

needs, symmetry and order needs. Finally comes the self-actualization needs, these are the needs to

reach our full potential and be successful.

Maslow’s hierarchy relates to motivation in that, the need to be self-actualized and cognitive

require motivation. We are motivated day by day to fulfill our cognitive needs, to know more to

understand better and explore. There is also motivation in the need of self-actualization because, to

find ones potential, we need to push ourselves and test our limits to see how far we can

go and also see how much we are capable of. We each have different potentials because we have

different strengths and weaknesses and it is the strengths that motivate to self-actualized.

Maslow’s hierarchy, theory on needs, does make sense to me and I do understand how our

needs work. We have different needs everyday such as psychological, safety and love needs and the

needs vary throughout the day and changes day by day. The esteem, cognitive, aesthetic and

self-actualization needs, to me, mean more long term needs. Yes, we are working towards these needs

every day, but slowly, and these needs do not come to mind on a schedule like psychological needs do.

The needs I consider more long term are not always present in the mind like our safety needs and love

needs are. Self-actualization, cognitive and esteem needs to me are focusing more on the bigger picture

and future needs to achieve.

The need that I find most challenging is the need for self-actualization. The reason for this is

because I strongly desire to be a successful person and I want to create a name for myself and be

someone. There are lots of obstacles that I need to surpass in order to be self-actualized. I need first to

obtain a degree, I then need to prove myself in the work force. Then gain knowledge and experience to

move and advance in my career to feel I have reached my full potential. The road ahead

seems very long and I am often side tracked from the bigger picture.

The different levels of needs do not signify more or less importance in one’s life. Everyone still

needs food and water every day, this is why we frequently change the level of need we are on.

Our needs, we think, are endless but putting different needs in the correct level is what lead

Maslow’s hierarchy. We are never at one point finished with a level....

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