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Psychological Impact Paper

By seetee123 Jan 09, 2011 563 Words
Tracey Marshall
University of Phoenix
July 12, 2010

Multicultural concepts will contribute to the values and beliefs of an individual. The different type of cultures that make up our society will include an individual thoughts and perceptions regarding diversity. Psychology and multicultural concepts will contribute to beliefs and personal value and tie together the rationale behind different cultures interacting together.

When defining the relationship between cultures and their beliefs, multicultural concepts will include an explanation on how different minority groups will share common goals and principles but will have their differences. The social and political views will change an individual values and morals, which will divide some cultures. The social improvement will help define the concept of multicultural and improve the well-being if people in our society.


The socio-political factors that will have an impact on an individual behavior and emotional status would be discrimination, sexual harassment, and employment. The effects of the negative situation that occurred within the work enviroment will change an individual attitude toward other ethnic groups and toward the economy. There have been economic issues with jobs and minorities finding jobs. Discrimination, sexual harassment is common problems within the work place. What is defining as sexual harassment? Discussing sexual activities or sexual jokes, unnecessary touching and engaging in physical conduct that is inappropriate and commenting on physical attributes are all define as sexual harassment. Sexual harassment occurs whenever an individual or groups of people participate in unwelcome conduct, which could affect a person’s job. The conduct could be explicitly or implicitly and the conduct will effect and interfere with an individual work performance and make a hostile working enviroment for other employees.

Females and males working together could cause an issue for employers, males and females must conduct themselves professional at all times and not engage in negative conversations on the job. The problem begins when people do not know how to behave and they do or say the wrong thing to another employee who felt uncomfortable. Sexual harassment can be avoided if employees learn how to conduct themselves on the job. Another form of sexual harassment is when a boss of an employee ask his or her to submit to unwelcome sexual advances if not they will be fired or not receive their well deserve raise. . There have been many cases of unwanted sexual advances on the job and many individuals have lost their jobs because he or she did not take the offer.

Females have always had to prove themselves to the male population on the job, some females are under compensated for the work that males are doing so they feel they are being taken advantage of which falls under discrimination. Females want equal rights just like males, just because males are physical stronger than females there are some females who are mentally stronger than males. When organizations view diversity, it should not be categorized by someone race, size or gender but by their character and ability to complete a job. Sex or gender should not determine if an individual should be hire, I believe on some application they ask what is your race or sex, why should it matter to employers as long as you have, the requirements to do the job you should be hired.

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