Psychological Essay On Batman

Topics: Batman, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: March 15, 2015
Psychological Essay on “The Dark Knight”
Hypothesis- The main characters of The Dark Knight is a portrayal of the parts of us that we don’t like to acknowledge. Christopher Nolan the director of ‘The Dark Knight’ and many other psycho-thriller films such as ‘Inception’, ‘Following’, ‘The Prestige’. He very effectively directs each film in a way that is never going to be predictable, each one of Nolan’s films always leave you with questions that demand answers and make you think much deeper into what he is trying to say to us through his films and characters. In saying that, the psychological aspect & themes in the film ‘The Dark Knight’ is shown in different perspectives through the main characters. Batman as a comic book character, is perhaps the most mysterious and as the movie title describes...the darkest. This is described in two traumatic events in Bruce Wayne’s life. One would be when Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha was walking with Bruce after a movie one evening met a mugger and were both shot dead, while Bruce’s life was spared. The second event focuses on a traumatic accident when Bruce fell into a pit in Wayne Manor where, as a child discovered the cave was full of bats that would lead him to have successive dreams and hallucinations of a very large bat that frightened him repeatedly. These two traumatic experiences has led him to have two distinct personalities ‘Batman the Vigilante and Crime fighter’ and ‘Bruce Wayne the driven billionaire of Wayne Enterprises and philanthropist’. Batman brought justice to the city of Gotham, even after experiencing great tragedy he becomes a symbol of hope to everyone else and devotes his life to the safety of the civilians. The psychological and philosophical themes of ‘The Dark Knight’ are veiled. Never quite making the distinctions between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ easy to outline. Batman has a confliction in doing a good deed while in the same process breaking the law through his methodology of fighting crime but...
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