Psychological Disorder Paper

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Psychological Disorder Paper
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Psychological Disorder Paper
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is defined as an anxiety disorder that most people acquire as a result of seeing or enduring dangerous events (National Institute of Mental Health, 2013). Danger comes in many forms and in most cases, danger that cannot be detected such as an earthquake, a robbery or an accident. We are all equipped with the ability to “flight or fight” whenever we are faced with danger. In addition, when the danger manifests itself we feel the natural feeling of fear. This fear then triggers the body to either defend ourselves or to fight our fear, thus, calling it the flight or fight response. In addition, the flight or fight response is a healthy reaction thats main purpose is to enable us to defend for ourselves. Unfortunately, with PTSD the reaction is so horrifying to the person involved that it causes extensive mental damage and as a result, those that who have PTSD may possibly feel stress or scared whether or there is any danger present.

PTSD Diagnosis
During the initial onset, PTSD can be a very difficult disorder to diagnose mainly because it is misunderstood although the disorder has specific symptoms. According to the DSM-IV-TR, there are specifers that can be used to determine the duration of the symptoms of PTSD. These specifiers are; Acute- is used to when the symptoms are less than 3 months, Chronic- is used when the symptoms are present 3 months or longer and Delayed Onset- indicates when they are not manifested until 6 months after the traumatic event (Psychiatry Online, 2013). When PTSD was first discovered it was thought to only effect war veterans due to their involvement and firsthand experience in heavy combat. In addition, PTSD effects both men and women equally although it has been proven to show a greater diagnosis in female civilians (American Psychiatric...

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