Psychological Disorder Analysis

Topics: Psychological trauma, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Posttraumatic stress disorder Pages: 5 (1706 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Final Project: Psychological Disorder Analysis

December 2, 2012
Miles Castle

Marla is a 42 year old Hispanic female accountant, that has complaints of trouble sleeping, feeling jumpy all the time, and unable to concentrate. With these symptoms it is causing her issues at work. There are several disorders that Marla could be suffering from but, it seems to be that one stands out from the rest. Post-Traumatic Disorder also known as PTSD, this is caused when a person experiences something traumatic such as a violent crime against them, a car accident, active military combat duty, the loss of a loved one, etc. Marla sat in my office nervous and unsure as if she was even in the right place. I asked her if she was okay and what brought her to see me. Marla told me of her symptoms and said she was unsure if she should even be here. I asked her if she has been to a family doctor to discuss her problems that she was having and she assured me that she had and came out with a clean bill of health. He doctor suggested to come see me and talked about what she was feeling and going through. With this and much reassurance from me telling her she did the right thing. I proceeded to ask her the following questions: Marla, what would you like to accomplish by being here? “I want to be able to feel normal again and to feel like myself again.” I think that is something that we can do with and I would like to ask you a little bit more about what you are feeling and maybe why you are feeling the way you do. Marla agrees. When did you start to notice the symptoms you are experiencing? “I started to really notice it about a month ago, my boss and some co-workers started to question me where I was not performing at my normal standards and coming into work late from not getting any sleep.” Is there any family history of depression, anxiety, or any mental illness? “Not that I am aware of…. As far as I know none of my family has ever had any issues mentally or been mentally ill.” She seemed kind of curios as to why I would ask such a thing, I ensured her that I am only asking to better help her and understand more about what she may be going through. Have there been any changes in your life recently? Good or bad? “Not that I can think of.” Have you been a victim of a crime or served in the military on active duty before? “I have never been in the military or been the victim of a crime.” Have you had anything happen to you or somebody close to you? No, but I was a witness to a women walking in the parking lot with her husband and got hit by a car about six months ago.” Really, tell me more Marla. Well I was walking into work and an older women and her husband where walking hand in hand when a car driven by an elderly couple seemed to gain speed and struck the women where she rolled over the top of the car and landed several yards away from where she was. The elderly couple that was driving hit a pole which stopped their car. The driver had a heart attack and the passenger was hurt pretty bad but did not seem to be critical. When the ambulance and police showed up they called for a helicopter to take the women to the hospital that was struck, she was none responsive and just laid there twitching. There was blood everywhere and seemed to be pooling from the back of her head. I stayed there with the lady and tried to calm her husband that seemed lost and unsure of what to do. I was able to call his adult children to come to his aid and inform them of what happen. The EMT’s lifted her from the ground and laying there on the ground was a lock of her hair that was attached to part of her skull. They air lifted the women to a trauma center but died before they made it there. The couple in the car also passed away from injuries from the accident as well. I will never forget the look on the husbands face as he stood there helpless crying for his wife and pleading for them to help her. Well Marla I would say that could be pretty...
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