Psychological Aspects of Homosexuality

Topics: Homosexuality, Psychology / Pages: 2 (425 words) / Published: May 7th, 2013
There is a question that has never been answered by modern day psychologist about whether being homosexual is a choice or mental disorder. Many people have different thoughts on the subject. A lot of people believe that everybody has a choice and being homosexual is one of those choices people just naturally choose. While other people believe that it is a disorder and some people even try for years to make their self not homosexual anymore.

In many cultures being homosexual is against their religion. Especially in Christianity where anything the bible says is wrong is looked upon as a sin. That could be a big reason why a lot people try to give to perception that it is a mental disorder. Havelock Ellis said that being homosexual was inborn and therefore it was not a disease because, there were a lot people that were to be homosexual and were making a big contribution to the community. Sigmund Freud believed that every human was born homosexual and grew into being a heterosexual or homosexual as there relationships with their parents and others progressed.

In later years though there was a psychologists by the name of Sandor Rado and his theory was totally opposite of Sigmund Freud. Rado believed that heterosexuality was natural and that homosexuality was an attempt to achieve sexual bliss when being heterosexual was not good enough. Even after his argument on the subject people still believed that homosexuality was something pathological. One thing that comes to mind over the topic of homosexuality is when it comes to people in prison. A lot of prisoners that are interviewed about their sexual affairs in prison, they say that they are just homosexual for their stay in prison. But if homosexuality is a pathological thing why are they able to cut off those tendencies when they want too. Or could it go back to what Ellis said about everyone is bisexual. None of these theories have been proven but it makes you wonder about what is truly going on within

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