Psycho Film Notes

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Uses a more alternative style but also in their aesthetic quality. Double indemnity and psycho are neither experimental films. However the shower scene is an experimental style.

Opening Sequence-
The graphic design was created by Sorbass known for his really black stone, fractured lines, darting up and down the screen. A hint at the fractured mind of the protagonist. Black and white- Spilt personality

Inside tormented and dark twisted character.
Suspenseful, high-state
Increases the pace of the human heart rate, the music
Bernard Herman- composer
Seemingly normal day, camera pans and scans the city sky line. Suggesting that it is looking for something to centre in on. Confronting, to the audience, rejects the conservative ideals, explores very sexually driven themes in a mainstream Hollywood film. Half clothed women, Man in full clothes watching over her.

Hidden from the prying eyes of society, dolly’s or pushes its way into the room. Establishes a very voiyeristic approach to film making.
Open to women lying on the bed in bra man watching over her. 2pm in the afternoon, alluding to sex, drawing attention to the female form. Marian crane lying in a seedy hotel room, wearing white.

Secret daytime interlude.
Maryenne: Works for a living, independent female, at her lunchtime breaks she meets her partner they have sex goes back to the office. There relationship is sex orientated, he is driven by the sex orientation of the relationship, she is interested in a romantic relationship Venetian blinds- repeated symbol of entrapment, trapped in a world that judges them. She can’t be seen in public with him because he is married. Conservative expectations placed upon them, prevent them from being public with their relationship. Opens the blinds, as a symbol of the claustrophobia, We know he is troubled. Ultimate weak protagonist. Lives the blinds in a swift motion an attempt to breathe, Marriane a progressive female pays for the hotel room, primary source of income in their relationship. Camera movement- Voeuryeristic

Becomes a Participatory experience for the audience.
Camera dissects and stabs her body, allusions to some of the actions that take place. Although Sam is separated from his wife, its still deemed inappropriate. Marriane isn’t your typical passive or submissive women, she dictates the time of gathering, she foots the bill of the hotel room. For a 20 something female living alone, working being independent this would have been very taboo, Mr. Cassidy- Swaggering as he swans into the room, intrusive, invades her personal space. • Talks down to Marianne, but in a flirty manner.

• He objectifies her
• Grotesque entirely distasteful
• Taunting marriane, flaunting these conservative ideals in her face. • “Money buys happiness” – aligned with the solution to problems. • Shift in colour from white to black shows that criminal activity might take place. • Camera voyeristicly tilts down wards to reveal the money. • The key object serves the purpose of resolving a situation. • Mirrors a key motif to express themes of duality, things aren’t quite what they seem. • A key moment when we are positioned to see things from her persepectives. Shots of marianne looking at the money, then a then we look through her perspective, we watch her. Shows her obsession, worrying, temptation, concerned about actions. • Bags changed from white to black.

• Her inner voice, what’s gonna happen we she arrives with the money • Musical score kicks in, Stressful piece of music, symbol of her paranoia, aligns with our human heart beat.

Cinematography= Overt, sexualized,
Mise- en-scene= Dingy apartment,
Set design= Seedy, dirty, hotel room= It is illegitimate, deemed as inappropriate. Body Language= Sam opens the window, to suggest he feels trapped in a relationship that he can’t move forward with. Tight framing= Bring us back to the sexual and erotic scene.

Deemed highly confronting, for the audience...
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