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Topics: Psycho, Low-angle shot, Norman Bates Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: December 4, 2013
How is meaning create by the use of editing, sound and camera angles in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho? Psycho was directed by Alfred Hitchcock in the 1960’s. Roger Ebert believes “it wasn’t a message that stirred the audience, nor was it a great performance…they were aroused by pure film”. The scene of the film I am focusing on is the shower scene where Marian gets brutally murdered; this scene is famous for Hitchcock’s use of editing and sounds as cinematic manipulation to create a carefully thought-out horrific murder scene. A woman called Marian decides to stay at Bates Motel and is introduced to the strange motel owner, Norman Bates. In the scene I have decided to use, she is settled in her room and decides to go for a shower and that is where she is viciously murdered by a dark figure. Sound is very important in Psycho; Hitchcock uses it to change the feelings and thoughts of the audience. In the scene I have studied, Hitchcock keeps it very quiet till Marian steps in the shower, then the audience hear the harsh sound of her pulling the shower curtain across, this creates unease and suspense as the harsh sound can symbolise that something bad is going to happen. Once Marian has turned on the shower, the uneasiness fades as the only sound the audience hear is the calm water running. The water is used to relax the audience as it’s a diagetic sound which is peaceful so it distracts the audience. The water sound is quite overpowering so this suggests Marian won’t be able to hear anything else. When Marian is in the shower Hitchcock switches between high and low angle shots. The high angle shots make her look vulnerable, small and weak and the low angle shots make the water look forceful and the shower curtain big and suffocating, which gives the audience a sense that Marian is trapped but she doesn’t realise it as she isn’t expecting anything bad to happen. The director uses a close-up, low angle shot of the water falling from the shower and this is a clever...
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