Psychedelics Effect on Spirituality

Topics: Religion, Mind, Psilocybin Pages: 4 (1293 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Psychedelics Effect on Spirituality

There are many variations of a psychedelic experience that include the plight of the youth just looking to have fun. Unfortunately in North America a largely held view shared by many citizens is that psychedelics are only used for partying, being ignorant of the fact that many psychedelics hold the key for unlocking the door to your sub conscious, a part of the mind that is usually only experienced during sleep, through dreams, as well as deep meditation. Having the ability to experience your sub conscious is not only important in gaining a better understanding of yourself, but also plays an intricate role in developing your spirituality. Psychedelics create a universe without borders, where self analyzation takes place as well as chance in developing your own rules and morale’s, the greater understanding of yourself creating a deeper thought process when analyzing all areas of life, especially our religion and spirituality. Through the use of many tests, particularly “the good Friday experiment” where psilocybin was given to patients, a greater understanding of the power of psychedelics was given, the importance of LSD in altering ones spiritual state has also been developed through testing. When discussing psychedelics and spirituality, LSD is go to drug in helping develop a religious experience. In order to fully understand the powers of LSD, we have to look past the hippy era during the sixties that helped the drug be classified as extremely dangerous, and detrimental to one’s health. Undoubtedly over usage can lead to severe consequences, mainly schizophrenia, along with many other mental disorders. Upon that being said, LSD can lead to many social/psychological advantages including; medical therapeutic use, social adaptation, psychophysiological investigation, and above all for religious purposes.i Focusing on spirituality, in a study done by Dr. Blum where forty two patients were given LSD and then asked...

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