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Topics: Woman, Gender, Gender role Pages: 8 (2143 words) Published: November 14, 2014
Isabel Wegrzyn
November 17, 2014
Gender Psychology Peer Interview
Conforming to Society’s Expectations or Challenging Them?
Before conducting my interview, I started reading the assignment guide and thought of who would be a good person to interview. It was someone who I needed to know and have the confidence with for them to open themselves and talk to me about their gender and life through the years. As I was eating lunch one day in the school’s student center discussing among my peers my assignment one of the girls became interested in the topic and wanted to be interviewed. We agreed on meeting later to further discuss the assignment and conduct the interview. Two days later, we met again and started the protocol of the interview. I asked questions, she replied and as the conversation went by she explained more of how growing up in Guatemala and Boston influenced her life being a girl.

She was born into a family of five, two older sisters, her mom and her dad. Being the youngest in the house she was able to pick up certain characteristics from each of the members in the family. Since she was always surrounded by woman in her house, you would expect for her to be very feminine and stereotypical of how woman are supposed to act and behave; but it is not like this. Her mother has never believed in the idea of looking perfect at all times, she does not agree in going to the beauty salon at all times since they themselves could do everything they got done in the beauty salon. She mentions that this was very impacting for the Guatemalan society as all of her friends are encouraged to go to the beauty salon to get ready. They believe that by going to the beauty salon they are more feminine than those who do not. In her example, even though her friends attended the beauty salon regularly she at times felt judged because she did not agree with their belief, but after time they understood her point and even though they continued going they accepted that she did not go as often as them. This did not make her marginalized or separated from her friends, on the contrary when she agreed to go with them to the beauty salon they enjoyed it and were happy she had joined them. By not going to the beauty salon at all times in comparison to her friends she has broken away from the norm that women are supposed to look feminine and beautiful at all times. She has understood that by going to the beauty salon she is not going to feel less feminine than her friends who always go.

She enjoyed being active and playing sports. This was due to the fact that she was encouraged by her parents to become an athlete and participate in school and club sports. Her father was very present during her childhood years and encouraged her to try new things. She recalls her father telling her “if you don’t try it out, you will never know whether you like the sport or not” and it was because of him that she has become so active through her life. She participated in the schools soccer team, and when she arrived to Bentley whenever the boys were going to play they would call her for her to join them. She felt that because she had been in contact with the sport before she felt welcomed, contrary to her friends who never played the sport and weren’t called to join. Her father taught her how to ride a two-wheel and four-wheel bicycle. At first, she was reluctant to learn because none of her girlfriends knew how to do this, but her father told her that these type of activities and sports are important everyone to know regardless of their gender. After some time of practice she finally mastered the activity. To this day she still thanks her dad for pushing her to learn this sport. Her father also encouraged them to learn how to do water sports as in Guatemala it is very common to go to the lake where they take the boats out and waterski and paddleboard. Most of her girlfriends have learned from an older age how to do water sports, but since her father...
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