PSYCH 610 Week 5 Individual Assignment Homework Exercise

Topics: Experimental design, Repeated measures design, Analysis of variance Pages: 3 (625 words) Published: November 1, 2014

This archive file of PSYCH 610 Week 5 Individual Assignment Homework Exercise shows the solutions to the following problems: 1. What are single-case designs and when are they most useful? 2. How may a researcher enhance the generalizability of the results of a single case design? 3. What is the relationship between quasi-experiments and confounding variables? Provide an example. 4. Provide examples of: one-group posttest designs and one-group pretest and posttest designs. What are the limitations of each? 5. Provide examples of non-equivalent control group designs. What are the advantages of having a control group? 6. What is a quasi-experimental research design? Why would a researcher use a quasi-experimental design rather than a true experimental design? 7. What is the difference between a cross-sectional and a longitudinal study? What is a sequential study? Which of these designs is most vulnerable to cohort effects? Which design is most vulnerable to the effects of attrition? 8. What are the differences between: needs assessment, program assessment, process evaluation, outcome evaluation, and efficacy assessment? Why is program evaluation important to the field? 9. A researcher wants to investigate patriotic behavior across the lifespan. She samples people in the following age groups: 18 Psychology - General Psychology

Week Four Homework Exercise

Answer the following questions, covering material from Ch 8–10 of Methods in Behavioral Research :

1.  What is a confounding variable and why do researchers try to eliminate confounding variables? Provide two examples of confounding variables.

2.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of posttest only design and pretest-posttest design 3.  What is meant by sensitivity of a dependent variable? 4.  What are the differences between an independent groups design and a repeated measure...

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