Topics: Correlation and dependence, Operational definition, High school / Pages: 3 (883 words) / Published: Jun 3rd, 2014

Melany Fava
Section 1: Descriptive Research Study Design
1a. What topic are you proposing to describe? 

Dieting in Weymouth High School students.
2a. Which approach to psychology would be most interested in describing this topic? 

3a. Which of the three descriptive research methods will you use? 

4a. Thoroughly describe how you will design this research study with specific attention to sampling, wording-effect and various biases when applicable.
I will create a 10-question survey on why, and how many Weymouth High School students diet, and randomly assign it to every other student alphabetically. The questions will be related to emotions and feelings and on why they think they need to diet. I will structure the questions to appeal to a typical teenager while trying not to push them to answer one way to avoid wording-effect.
5a. State what types of conclusions you will be able to draw from this study.
I will be able to conclude if dieting is related to depression, society, or his or her personal fitness.
6a. State if and to what extent you will be able to generalize your findings.
I will be able to generalize my research to all Weymouth High School students.
Section 2: Correlational Research Study Design
1a. What two variables from your topic (please use the same topic as that from section I) are you going to study to determine if they are related?
Society and dieting
2a. What are your operational definitions for each topic

If most of the answers to their survey questions are related to how society think they should look, their dieting habits are related to society.
3a. Describe how you will use a survey to gather data with specific attention to random sampling.
I will take an alphabetical list of all Weymouth High School students and give my survey to every other person on the list. Based on the answers to the survey I will be able to tell if Weymouth High School students diet to make themselves look how society wants

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