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Course Goals & Format:

Do you like to people watch? Are you constantly wondering why people do the things they do? Are you curious about what babies know? Or how people with mental illness get better? Or the best way to cope with stress? Do you care that the answers to these questions are grounded in scientific evidence attained from careful observation or experimentation rather than people’s armchair, self-help sound bites? Then psychology is the field for you!

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior. Humans behavior and experience is rooted in physiological mechanisms, but our ability to engage in conscious and abstract thought makes us complex subjects of study. To understand that complexity, psychologists devise clever techniques and sophisticated theories to isolate patterns of thought and behavior that can be predicted and explained by a combination of biology, the cultural environment, and immediate social context.

The primary goal of this course is to give you a broad survey of several subareas of psychology. While Psych 101 covers the more biological, perceptual, and cognitive aspects of human psychology, in Psych 102 we will cover the developmental, social, and clinical aspects of the discipline. This coverage will focus on classic theories and research to give you a solid foundation for future specialty courses on these topics. However, as psychology is a science, the current knowledge base is always growing and expanding. That`s what makes it exciting! So we will also learn about some recent trends and cutting edge findings in the field.

The course will follow a lecture format, but I will expect you to ask questions and engage in discussions about the material we will cover. Lectures are designed to clarify as well as extend the text, therefore, lectures will cover material that is not in your text. Furthermore, there will be plenty of information in the text that we won’t have time to cover in class. This means that to be...
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