PSYC 2301 Unit 1 Assignment

Topics: Nervous system, Psychology, Cerebral cortex Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: August 11, 2015
PSYC 2301-Introduction to Psychology
Unit 1 Assignment
Bobbi Johnson

1. The school of psychology founded by John B. Watson, _Behaviorism_____________________, views observable, measurable behavior as the appropriate subject matter for psychology and emphasizes the key role of environment as a determinant of behavior. 2. _Psychoanalysis_____________________ is the term that Freud used for both his theory of personality and his therapy for the treatment of psychological disorders; the unconscious is the primary focus of psychoanalytic theory. 3. Proponents of ______Evolutionary psychology__________________study how humans have adapted the behaviors required for survival in the face of environmental pressures over the long course of evolution. 4. Researchers use the ____Correlation Method____________________ to establish the degree of relationship between two characteristics, events, or behaviors. 5. In an experiment, the ___Dependent Variable _____________________ is the factor or condition that is measured at the end of the study and is presumed to vary as a result of the manipulations of the independent variable(s). 6. The ___Synapse ____________ is the junction where the axon of a sending neuron communicates with a receiving neuron across the synaptic cleft. 7. The right and left halves of the cerebrum, covered by the cerebral cortex and connected by the corpus callosum, are called the __Cerebral Hemispheres _____. 8. A person with _Broca's Area_________________ has an impairment of the physical ability to produce speech sounds, or in extreme cases an inability to speak at all that is caused by damage to Broca’s area. 9. A substance manufactured and released in one part of the body that affects other parts of the body is called a ___Hormone ______________. 10. The ___Hippocampus___________ is a structure in the limbic system that plays an important role in emotion, particularly in response to aversive stimuli. 11. __Blind Spot _________ is the area in the...
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