Psy265 Assignment the Sperm and the Egg

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Reproductive system, Reproduction Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: July 11, 2010
The Sperm and The Egg
Sara Oberlin
Axia College of University of Phoenix

Without the sperm and the egg to form life the reproduction of humans, or any creature for that matter, would not take place. All creatures would become old and would have no offspring to carry on their genetic characteristics or ever their name. They would only be in this life until it was finally snuffed out in some way or another. Fortunately though, there is sexual arousal, which allows a male and a female to indulge in their desire to satisfy their sexual urges, or their mere desire to mate and create new life. Before sexual intercourse can even happen, a male and a female must catch sight of one another and either notice something desirable, or just have the need to mate. This most likely starts with a look, a touch, or a kiss and ends with the wish of longing, of being together in the most intense way two creatures can be together. Though still before intercourse, there comes this excitement between the two. This causes blood to start flowing to the lower parts of the male and female’s bodies. Within the male, this causes an erection. An erection happens when blood enters the cylinders within the penis that allow it to stand and stiffen; the scrotum that holds the testicles start to swell as well. Within the female, this causes swelling and lubrication of the vulva (including the clitoris) to begin. This causes the inner vaginal lips to become inflated with blood and the sphincters to tighten. The breasts begin to tighten, enlarge, and the nipples harden. All of this arousal causes both parties to take on a reddish flush; both also begin to breathe harder and louder (some call this “panting”). This is the beginning of a male and female getting ready to engage in sexual intercourse. In this phase of coitus, the male takes his penis and slowly presses his penis into the female’s vagina (Rathus, 2005). The male’s internal sexual organs are the testes, which include...
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